Higher Learning , For Free


High Altitude Medicine & Biology , the best perk of working at a university hospital , is running a short period of free online access right now. This is a gold mine for everyone who is interested in hard data based articles on high altitude physiology and  medicine :
* Horrendous fail rates on Kilimanjaro , way outside all guidelines in Prevalence of Acute Mountain Sickness among Finnish Trekkers on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  

* Report from the first run on the Beijing-Lhasa railway ( first train in world with onboard oxygen generators ) , and how effective this is in preventing altitude sickness

* The article the Finns , and everyone on fast , fixed itineraries should have read first : Altitude Preexposure Recommendations for Inducing Acclimatization


On top of this is there is a lot of medical history , with still highly relevant results. There is a whole issue dedicated to the 50 year anniversary of the Silver Hut expedition , still a benchmark in the effects of extreme acclimatization : five months spent at 5800 meters , followed by bringing down more physiological data from up to 7400 meters. Those who still believe that it’s essential to push large volumes of fluids will struggle with the fact that that Milledge and the other members managed well on around three liters of fluids per day , including climbing up to 7000+ meters.
One of the results of going thru this issue that I’ve just dived in to the man and explanation of why the Hillary/Tenzing ascent succeeded , after seven British fails in a row : Griffith Pugh , the picture perfect mad scientist and genius that that pushed a kicking and screaming climbing fraternity in to a physiological approach to climbing : using oxygen , planning nutrition, designing tents and more.


3 thoughts on “Higher Learning , For Free

  1. Sir when will srinagar-leh and leh-manali road opening

    Warm Regards,  Noshir.N.Bativala Sent from Samsung Mobile

    • See the sticky on top of this page : snowfall has been exceptional this spring , Srinagar-Leh clearance has just started , there won’t be any early openings this year.

  2. Thank you for the link to this High Altitude journal! I will spend days trying to read those articles.

    The current rumours in Leh are that the Srinagar road will open at the end of April.

    But of course a note to all travellers hoping to come by road at that time. It’s not guaranteed, it all depends on the weather! It doesn’t open until suddenly it does. You just can’t plan around it. Delhi-Leh flights are operating daily so if you don’t have flexibility and want to go to Ladakh around late April this year, it’s better to fly.

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