Manali-Leh Out After Clodburst

Tribune photo : MC Thakur

Cloudburst in epic proportions taking out bailey bridges , a school , the life of a Manali resident and tossing boulders and vehicles downstream Beas river yesterday.The road the southern  port of the Solang tunnel work beyond repair for the coming weeks. Manali-Leh out in five different places . Heavy rainfall for the coming two days in forecasts.

UPDATE , August 8th . That was fast :Traffic now running ( despite BRO´s first comment it would take “at least a week” to get it back in full order) to Keylong & Kaza. Moderate rain four out of five coming days.


11 thoughts on “Manali-Leh Out After Clodburst

  1. This is really horrific. Thank you for the visual. One Headlines Today report said that Manali-Rothang highway closed. I’m not very experienced with how things unfold here in this part of the world, though I had a plan traveling on 20 Manali-Leh. Would like to know how you’re looking into these – how soon things could get normal or even the highway could open, considering ’if’ no more wreckage happens very soon again.

    Thank you.

  2. yaa please even i would like to know these details plese let us know when the road becomes useable and open to traffic

  3. Hi! I have been wondering where you get all your updates from? 🙂 anyway I have some friends on a mountain biking tour – hope they make it. thanks Vistet.

  4. Hi Roshni !
    This probably means I´ve been sloppy with quotes …
    Nine tenths of everything here is about sifting good online resources : I read the news every day , I crosscheck with weather sources and make a very hard culling from forums : posters I´ve learned to trust over the years – preferably those that post photos as well. The final piece is a limited number of direct contacts over the year.

  5. hi,

    my husband with group of 5 are travelling on bikes to leh. can somebody plzzz tell me Manali-leh road status?? are the roads useable and also is it still raining? Hoz the weather?

  6. WE are group of 4 Person planning to go to Leh from Manali on 13th August 2012 ?Shall we able to take TATA Safari on this road which we heard badly damaged due to heavy Rain..

    • Hi, we are planning to reac leh from Srinagar in a few days. What s the situation there and what’s the weather like?
      Tha nks

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