Rough Day At The Khardung La

In the news today : around a hundred vehicles stranded on the Khardung La road  after a landslide near 5000 meters (?) , and some still not evacuated at the end of the day . 120 treated with oxygen after the medical team arrived. 


One thought on “Rough Day At The Khardung La

  1. hey vistet! this is travelbug28 from indiamike. heard that there was an avalanche at khardung-la again yesterday and 2 tourists lost their lives. kinda concerned about adding nubra to our plans after reading this unfortunate news but dont want to unnecessarily panic either.
    2 questions-
    1. is it a better idea to find out about the situation once we’re in leh next weekend and then plan nubra or just plan other things to do already?
    2. is there another route from leh to nubra and back? we’re planning to go to pangong tso towards the last half of our stay as well.

    thanks a ton for your help!

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