BRO Aims To Open Manali-Leh April 15th .. Again

This should get interesting : Border Roads has announced that they are gunning for an April opening of the Manali-Leh highway , which would be the first time since 2004 :

“If weather remains favourable, we will successfully complete the operation by April 15 and if it does not oblige us , we have to rework on our strategy accordingly”

according to Yogesh Naya from BRO.

This is said against the backdrop of winter heavily laden with snow , even with repeated snowfalls in Leh , which is a rare thing. Avalanche alerts around the Rohtang , and from the Kashmiri end avalanches has cut army lives and the the internet connection to Leh short.

Manali , mid February.

BRO aims to fullfill this not by working from more points , but by throwing in more men and machinery at each point.Sceptics will remember the previous attempt for an April opening in 2009 , that ended with the road opening in June. Weather will be a critical factor ( the if part that will be cut by headlines ) , and the forecast promise more snow both in Leh and over Rohtang for the coming days , in keeping with last weeks weather.


10 thoughts on “BRO Aims To Open Manali-Leh April 15th .. Again

  1. i have a flight from delhi to Leh on 31 march 2012 …… can i visit places inside Leh upto khardung La and Nubra VAlley …. pls guide me

    • I´m rubbish with cars – but one obvious comment is that Manali-Leh has been done with all types of vehicles , including rickshaws ( see the False Beards to Khardung La post ) and scooters. You probably want to check your ground clearance and see how exposed the underbelly of the car is though.

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