BAI Awards 2012 : First Nominee

First nominee of the year : Peru travel info from Spiritual Adventures. Too good to be spoiled by a description , jump to the best part here.

Continued in the comments part..


3 thoughts on “BAI Awards 2012 : First Nominee

  1. “Remember that water holds more oxygen than air , so it´s critical to stay well hydrated.”

    …and this is why breathing water works so well , and why one never should drink sparkling water : it contains carbon dioxide. Best laugh of the day , so far.

  2. Thanks for the typed exceprts. Can’t open the video from here in Ladakh, of course! And the optical fibre cable over Zoji-La was taken out by those avalanches a week or so ago, so there’s no broadband in Ladakh now, only VSAT, which is too limited for videos.

    Those are classic. I will recommend my visitors to try breathing water next time, okay?


    • Thanx for the update. Makes me a bit sad to miss a good winter in Leh , looong time since I moved from the Kidar near the polo field to Changspa on skis …

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