Manali-Leh snow clearing started

Todays news quote engineers from the BRO saying that the work on clearing the Manali-Leh highway has started. There are already guesstimates for the road opening as well : mid-April for clearing the Rohtang , and mid-May for the whole road. The word from he BRO is that there are up to fifteen feet of snow near the Rohtang : hardly surprising with the news of heavy snowfall and disrupted traffic in Lahaul in February , affecting also helicopter transport of patients to HP hospitals.

Tribune photograph from Keylong , February 1st

Fullfilling the guesstimates on the road opening will depend a lot on the amount of late snowfall . Ironically enough weather forecast talks of heavy snowfall over the Rohtang in the next three days.


6 thoughts on “Manali-Leh snow clearing started

  1. Hi,

    Great to see this website with updated info.

    I am planning a trip to Leh via Manali, either from May 13-May22 or from May 20-May 29 this year.

    Would the Leh-Manali highway be open during this time, or do I need to postpone my trip?

  2. Why do readers of this blog keep asking Vistet to predict the road opening of the current year? He says again and again, and I can say from Ladakh experience it’s true, that you cannot predict it until the day it opens. And then it might close again. You really can’t. This blog is your best source of info about previous road openings. Look at the info, calculate your chances based on that, and obviously you can see that early May cannot be depended on though there are good chances.

    • ohh that hurts. I already booked my ticket to Delhi on 29th april…my plan was to go to either dharamsala or manali on the next day. and spend 2 days and head to leh…..damnnnn. what other ways are there to get to leh apart from flying. I meant are their any other routes????

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