The End Of A Road … And New Beginnings

copyright Azmi Rahmat , 2010-08-06


2 thoughts on “The End Of A Road … And New Beginnings

  1. ReachLadakh says that the stretch of the Manali-Leh road between Upshi and Gya that had been destroyed by the flash floods has reopened, partially. I paste the full text below, or you can read it on

    Leh, October 20, 2010 The road condition of Upshi and Rumtse which was badly damaged by the cloudburst in August is reported to be in improved condition. However, the road is restored only to sustain one way traffic for light vehicles, whereas the road is still not fit for plying heavy vehicles, reports the concerned Project Himank officials. They have requested the civilians not to ply heavy motors like trucks and buses on this road till it is fully restored for such big vehicles.

    The Himank also approached the Army and Police authorities for deployment of CMP and traffic police at Depring to divert heavy vehicles towards Mahey and stop the movement of heavy vehicles towards Rumtse to avoid accidents.

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