Manali-Leh “Partially Re-Opened” After Floods

IANS today quotes BRO saying that the Manali-Leh highway now has light vehicles running , after some rerouting. The twenty kilometer steep downhill stretch to Upshi is still badly damaged by landslides ,as already described by a Malaysian poster here .

On Aug 10, I and hundreds of other Ladakhis walked about 40km from Lato to Upshi. I am a Tourist cycling the Manali-Leh highway this year is forced to leave all my belongings behind with the villagers that is including my bicycle. I was told that by foot was the only way to reach Leh. The journey took us more than 10 hours. Trekking and rock climbing along the 40km route allow us to see the devastation caused by the rain. It was not only the landslide to be cleared off but in some stretch, the roads were totally ‘vanished’.

Keylong weather forecast talks of around forty mm´s of rain per day between the 18th and 20th , Leh twenty mm´s.

UPDATE , AUGUST 16th : The road is now declared open at , with a revamped road marker : “Open Alternate Route”

WEATHER UPDATE , AUGUST 19th : Todays five day forecast says 10-25 mm in Leh , 20-45 in Keylong & Kargil districts. The severe weather warning has been downgraded to ” isolated heavy rainfall ” . Malaysian


2 thoughts on “Manali-Leh “Partially Re-Opened” After Floods

  1. MY self starts bike ride Leh to manali on 14th Aug ,, but mane rout was not open till yet .. I ride Leh – upshi 48km – waya mahe brige 108km – sumdo 13km – puga 7 km – Tso kar 45km – pang 48km – sarchu 75km – kalong – manali …
    road is not good for cars ,, with SUV/MUV u can cover all trip on the way u have to face road close because of land slide & rain fall.

  2. Manali-Leh road is partially open.
    I’m sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong place yesterday. ReachLadakh has posted a news item that says that small vehicles are being allowed on the old route via Gya but trucks and busses have to still go around the long way via Mahe Bridge in Chumathang.
    Go to and click on the relevant new item

    One of my students from Gya says that bus service from Leh to Gya (ie the washed out Latho-Upshi stretch) has been restored with Mazda busses, ie 22-seaters, not the big buses.

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