Manali-Leh Partially Cleared

Himvani among others mention the Manali-Leh highway now being cleared up to Sarchu . Keylong weather forecast talks of heavy rain the coming three days.The first solid info on casualties among foreign tourists in the Leh flash flood is also coming in : three named French tourists (confirmed from French foreign office ) , one Italian , one Spaniard and eighteen more . None of these have have been updated on the deceased list on

Today also came with a spoof , illustrating indian boilerplate journalism at it´s best :

Apparently the road has just been opened after the winter…


One thought on “Manali-Leh Partially Cleared

  1. On Aug 10, I and hundreds of other Ladakhis walked about 40km from Lato to Upshi. I am a Tourist cycling the Manali-Leh highway this year is forced to leave all my belongings behind with the villagers that is including my bicycle. I was told that by foot was the only way to reach Leh. The journey took us more than 10 hours. Trekking and rock climbing along the 40km route allow us to see the devastation caused by the rain. It was not only the landslide to be cleared off but in some stretch, the roads were totally ‘vanished’. That was just crazy!

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