Baralacha La : Massive Avalanche

American cyclist Jewel Edward seems to be the first casualty of the June misweather in Lahaul . Apparently he became separated from the rest of the group in what is described as snowstorm , and died near Chattru after having crossed the Kunzum La pass. Along the same route students and teachers were finally airlifted out from Batal , where they had been forced to take shelter more than a week ago. Evacs were done to Koksar – Rothang to Keylong is open.

Later in the week 1300 sheep and goats were killed in one fell swoop by a massive avalanche near the Baralacha La , but the shepherders managed to stay out of harms way.
Higher up in the pass a number of truck drivers are more or less contentedly munching away at their provisions , after being stranded about a week.

Weather forecasts promises a final day of rain & snow on the 18th in Lahaul & Ladakh, to be followed by two clear sunny days .

Saach Pass opened on the , after being closed since December.

UPDATE , JUNE 20TH : Mixed weather forecast from Leh , Lahaul forecast says rain four out of the five coming days. There is a rumor of the road being open for light vehicles : third hand report from a single poster on a forum , no vehicles seen coming in to either Manali or Leh … and now , a couple of hours later there is confirmation from Manali : first bikers from Leh have arrived.


8 thoughts on “Baralacha La : Massive Avalanche

  1. God!!
    What to do den?is there ne chance of the road at barchachala to open by tomorow?please advise.we are to start from manali on 21

  2. Today is 19th. has there been rain/ snowfall
    on the 18th as predicted ?
    Any news about weather today.
    Will the manali leh road open by 25th June.
    Experts and people near keylong and manali
    please comment / inform asap. Thanks

  3. I am just following up any news on the statuses of the Highways connecting Leh, Both Manali and Srinagar.
    For all those who intend to ride along on a circular trip, make sure you avoid the Leh- Manali now, and keep it for the later part of the trip- or return round.
    I agree with Vistet’s comments on 18th above that you will encounter even more brooks or wetter roads as you progress on Leh- Manali route because the more snowfall followed by rainfall and sunshine are definitely going to make it more difficult.
    Take the Manali route unless you are prepared to stretch your stay as per the road status.

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