June 11th : Manali-Leh Open

…again , according to leh.nic.in. Lahaul weather forecast for the coming days : light cloud cover , 5-11 mm rain. Leh : also around 5 % cloud cover , around 5 mm rain.

Yesterday, the 13th, I saw posters mentioning foul weather all day in Leh , and photos from a blocked Baralacha La.

I am in Leh, and it rained and snowed heavily in the morning today.
I’m sure the road to manali is not open as of today.
We are waiting for status of road from army people tomorrow.
I do not know why the leh.nic.in reports the road as open.

Today leh.nic.in has changed status on the road again to closed. Wide streams crossing the road after the Rothang.

Weather forecast for both Lahaul and Leh talks of 10 mm rain per day in the coming three days.


12 thoughts on “June 11th : Manali-Leh Open

  1. me leavin on 16 & reachin manali on 19th leavin for leh on 20th…kindly update wid da route….some is sayin its open & some is sayin its closed…..worried abt it…..

  2. HI,
    We will be on the manali leh road after 2 weeks.
    I have a Prepaid Vodafone Mobile.
    Will it work on that road and at Leh .
    I am told that only Post Paid Vodafone works
    and not the Prepaid.

    Will some one clarify. Thanks

  3. we are reaching manali on 20th and starting for leh on 21st. whats the weather going to be and what about the road its closed now….

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