Manali-Leh 2010 Opening Tomorrow (?)

IANS quotes SK Doon from BRO saying that with good weather conditions Manali-Leh could open tomorrow evening , Saturday 5th : “The snow clearance operation is almost near completion. If the weather remains favourable, the highway will again be made motorable for all types of vehicles by Saturday”

Leh weather forecast for tomorrow : cloudy , rain …

Details , and Srinagar-Leh , later.


5 thoughts on “Manali-Leh 2010 Opening Tomorrow (?)

  1. sri – leh is open. but i kinda agree with you there – i dont think it opens tomorrow since weather is bad. and apparently you have to wait a couple of days to pass after it opens. plus i guess for BRO to declare it officially open, takes a few days as well. sarchu camps are also not setup and w/o that its a real task to pass thru this road.we were scheduled to pass baralacha on monday and thought we would maybe be one of the first to pass this season but changed our plan to srinagar and now this news makes me well, a little sad really!

  2. BRO doesn´t make any “real” official announcement – the road is declared open when Jamyang-la , who manages the official Ladakh website get´s a call from the BRO .

    I have the exact opposite view on Sarchu : spending the night there is the best way to feel the worst the next day , and I prefer not getting a ride with a driver who has. The argument that it becomes a too long ride next day is a a bit hard to understand : the HRTC bus drivers push forty year old clunkers from Keylong to Leh on a daily basis , so with a new car and a shorter distance ( Jispa or Darcha ) this can´t really be an issue.

  3. Fair enough! Funny thing is, we are boarding our flight from bombay to del in an hour and still debating which route to take, manali or srinagar. This after we booked cabs to manali and a hotel, then cancalled all of that yesterday to book flights to srinagar instead! Spoke to nishant at drifters in manali and he says its overcast but not snowing in rohtang.

    Who is sk doon from GREF anyway? Credible source u reckon?

  4. @ flunkie: Doon heads the organisation called Ground Reserve Engineering Force which is responsible for maintaining roads for the Army in all inhospitable terrains across the country.

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