Manali-Leh Opening Within a Week ?

A Himvani story today details the road opening between Manali and Kaza : the Kunzum La has been cleared before the opening of the Manali-Leh highway, contrary to expectations. .

Rothang La in May 15

Rothang La around May 20th , by IndiaMiker Airwolf9211 . More photos

BRO had plans for a Manali-Leh opening around the 23rd , but that was before the renewed snowfall on the 19th.The new guesstimate is within a week. Rothang remained open thru this , and the road to Keylong. Said to remain at the moment is a three kilometer stretch , unspecified where.


5 thoughts on “Manali-Leh Opening Within a Week ?

  1. There was heavy rain this morning in Leh, continuing the generally cloudy weather of the past few weeks. Very unusual for Ladakh!

    Khardong La between Leh and Nubra has been closed for a couple of weeks and a lot of Ladakhis are stuck. The road through around via Chang-La pass is actually open and I have met people from Nubra on three occasions in the past couple weeks who came over that, but I think it’s not passable for buses and trucks, only jeeps. Yes, what I mean is that the Pangong region / Chang-La and the Nubra region / Khardong-La are now connected by a new jeepable road along the Shayok River.

  2. Hello sir. we are planning to go to Leh from Chandigarh via Manali on 10 of june by our own Innova car. Is this the right time to go. what about the Manali Leh Road condition. Is this gonna be open by that time or what. Please send us some relevant information so that we can plan our tour more safe n systematically. Thanx
    With Regards:
    Gary Virk
    099962-49191, 099155-77652

    • Dear Sir,

      i am writting from Ahmedabad. I came back today morning from jispa. I planned to go to Leh but not successful. Although BRO says that Manali Leh highway is likely to open today evening (Saturday), I would still recommend you to plan after 15th June only. Also do not go without any booking as Leh is quite full and lots of people are waiting in Manali to go to Leh. Although Innova runs on this road, but still it would be good if you travel by high ground clearance vehicle like Sumo or Scorpio. Do not risk damaging your own car. You may end up paying more on repairs and towing then taxi fare. Local drivers are good in this driving condition. if you wish you may contact me on 98250 44362

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