Impermanence : Both Roads to Leh Out


North side of the Rothang La , by Avinash Siddhu , on the 17th – before renewed snowfall hit the Rothang , turning in to rain lower down. Baralacha La still out.
And a promising feel to the eastward road from Gramphu towards the Kunzum La , again , before the last snow.

Gramphu-Chota Dhara

A number of reports of snowfall from Chitkul , Baralacha La and even Kaza.
At the Chang La pass an avalanche killed a tourist , a local from Leh later also died from his injuries while the army managed to rescue 73 others trapped by the avalanche which laid two meters of snow masses over the road.

Srinagar-Leh road also out , from slides ,not avalanches.

Sources : , bcm.touring , ANI ,India Met. Department


One thought on “Impermanence : Both Roads to Leh Out

  1. Just back from paradise- we were lucky to make it to Rothang on 15th May,With bright sunny day and clear sky and were even assured that road to Leh might open in 3-4 days but weather was unpredictable very heavy rainfall and some news of landslides so had to abort our plan to Leh and return.
    Those planning to Leh postpone it to late June or in July.

    Theres another good news BROs work is in progress to make a tunnel from Solang valley(manali) to Sarchu which might get completed by 2012 so now no waiting for snow to get cleared once the tunnel is open for public.

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