Rohtang opens , 2010 … and closes again

Rothang La opened for traffic on the 15th .. only to close again today in heavy snowfall. Before the weather gods smote the road again the BRO guesstimate for clearing the road up to Sarchu was the April 20th. Video interview with SK Doon here on March 8th here , showing up close how media works :

SPEAKER VOICE : “BRO is hopeful to open the road by April 15th”

SK DOON ” …everything depends on weather conditions. Still , we should be able to clear the Rohtang and Baralacha La by April fifteenth – if everything agrees with the weather. If there is further snowfalls and problems with the weather , then the dates will be revised further…”

Note the heavy emphasis on how the weather rules , and no date is mentioned for the whole Manali-Leh highway – then compare with how this is interpreted in media & blogs.


3 thoughts on “Rohtang opens , 2010 … and closes again

  1. Is it open now? No updates since 19th April…just curious…will be traveling second week of June and I hope …I need not worry… 🙂 ?

  2. Hi Vistet,

    Well we intend to travel from manali to leh on 29th May. Just wanted to check the road status if you have any information.

    Is there a probability of it opening any where between 29th May to 3rd June???

  3. Hi Vistet,

    Same problem as others! planning to leave Manali towards Leh on the 30th of May, is it wise to do so? Thanks a ton for providing realtime information on the roads!! Any helpline/organization numbers on which we could get information??

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