Srinagar-Leh NOT open

Big buzz in the news about the Srinagar-Leh road opening today , which on a closer look proved to be a dud :

* the official road marker on web , , still shows the road as closed.

* a news story quotes police both in Kargil and Srinagar denying that the road has opened

* Border Roads Organisation , who are in charge of clearing the road says ““It has been snowing in Sonamarg, Baltal and the Zojilla pass area since yesterday (Monday) evening and it is likely that the opening of the Srinagar-Leh highway would now be delayed for some time more”.

““All we said was that the snow clearance operation was in full swing in the Zojilla Pass area of the road. The road is likely to be thrown open for two-way traffic by April 20 and as of now, it remains closed,”

* other news stories talks of fresh snowfall on Monday triggering avalanches

* weather today : rain in Srinagar and Gulmarg , expected to turn in to snow at higher locations. Think slush avalanches.

UPDATE : SASE , the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment , issues low level avalanche warning for Kargil district on the 31st.


9 thoughts on “Srinagar-Leh NOT open

  1. Hey, its amazing to see latest updates about the road conditions in the hills. Whats your inspiration ? Somewhere the craze for the mountains just shows. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Very useful. When do we anticipate the opening this year then? I am dying to ride up there and have booked plane tickets to start the ride in first week of may.

    Any suggestions?

    • Its better to approach from manali to leh in the end of 1st week of june.. i am too leaving during that period… cheers !!

    • As for the road status , you have two main sources , both with their own limitatations. Reading Indian media obviously needs a manual of sorts : both the Srinagar-Leh and Manali-leh are rightfully objects of national pride , but news and patriotism often makes a poor mix. Trustworthy news will follow a route where there is first reports of the Zoji La is cleared , and then the first convoys of supplies to Leh. Often there will be pictures to back it up , as in the May 1st opening in 2007.

      When the first trucks arrive the road is declared officially open on the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Dill Development Council website ( ) : this is done after communicating with the Border Roads Organisation , who are doing the the actual work of clearing the road. Once they´ve decided that the road has opened there are no updates until the road closes finally for the winter though : disruptions in the traffic are common in early and late season , and never shown.

      BRO:s website is useless.

      Thirdly , once the trekking season has come in to play you can follow posts on travel sites – is the best choice.

      The updates here ( ) comes from all of the above , plus some input from Leh .

  3. We got our first fresh vegetables in Leh from over the Zoji-La around April 2 2010. Earlier than usual. BUTTTT this does NOTTTT mean the road is open for travel! Intrepid local traders carry the vegetables over the highest part of Zoji-La on donkeys, between trucks on both sides. But the good news is that we usually hear of trucks coming through within a few weeks after the first vegetables come over. If the weather stays sunny and clear as it has been lately, the road could be open to traffic soon, but if there’s a heavy snowfall we could be back to the usual opening in May – June.

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