Manali-Leh snow clearing started

Yesterday BRO announced the start of clearing the Manali-Leh road, and a time plan : trying for an opening of the Rothang La pass by second week in April , and up to Sarchu by the end of April – “if weather conditions in the region remain dry”. Higher powers has already made a comment : weather forecast promises heavy snowfall around the 3000 meter level , i.e. near Gulaba where the snowcutters just have gained a foothold.

Tribune photo , MC Thakur

Tribune photo : MC Thakur

As usual three teams are working on the road : one from Manali to the Rothang , one between Tandi and Jispa , and the third team has moved out of Jispa , towards Sarchu.

Predicting an opening date for the road becomes making a wager on the coming two months weather , many with me are probably surprised that the BRO is willing to do this after last years debacle : a record early projected opening in April became nearly a record late opening , in practical terms first week in June.

Another work has … well , not started but come to decision : this years railway budget includes funds for starting the fabled railway Bilaspur-Manali-Leh. This involves movng thru a lot harder terrain than the railway to Lhasa : don´t expect this to happen soon. ( The railway to Srinagar is delayed for around a decade now , and 2015 is now being mentioned as closing date ) .

UPPDATE , MARCH 5th : BRO has ground to a halt in heavy snows , and retreated down to Gulaba with all equipment.

UPDATE , APRIL 15TH : Rothang open , BRO talking of reaching Sarchu first week in May , weather permitting.


20 thoughts on “Manali-Leh snow clearing started

  1. The only thing we know at this moment is that BRO is behind their schedule , since they have been forced to move backwards at the Rothang. Making predictions means knowing the weather for the coming six-seven weeks at least : I´ve been around too long to be willing to make a bet on that.

  2. That place looks cruely creamed by snow.
    Considering this years extended snowfall, would 3rd week of june (14-15) be a good time to travel to leh?
    Appreciate any info

    • Snow will be cleared mid mid-June , it would be a historic event if the BRO hasn´t finished by then. You can run in to freak weather or landslides practically any month , a buffer day is always a good idea. Some more pointers here

      ( And no , this is not massive amounts of snow , in Manali-Leh terms : going first open month it´s practically a rule that the road will cut thru snow higher than your car , and fairly common to find it higher than the bus. )

  3. We sre planning to travell in the same highway on 10th June,2010, while returing from Leh. Please suggest wheather we can able to travell during 10th June.

  4. I am a frequent visitor to these areas…its my passion..would love to receive posts regarding roads update to leh & stuff
    dr tegbir

  5. Hi,

    Is a trip to Leh in the 3rd week of April (April 18ish) advisable? Some people seem to think it is not because the town runs out of supplies. But otherwise how is the place weather-wise? Will any tourist attractions be out of bounds for visiting?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. The supply issue is real , I remember finding the last kilo of apples in in Leh – in January. You won´t starve , but choices are very limited.

    Apart from that no major problems : the whole Indus valley has open roads , buses are running (but less frequently ) and so on. You´ll have no problems visiting Hemis , Alchi , Shey or Lamayuru. The Khardung La & Nubra can sometimes be out for a couple of days , you´ll find a post in it here from the search box.

    Ladakh is exceptionally warm right now , +8 daytime and -5 by night . I´d still count on nights around zero by night. Sleeping bag is the most comfortable option , lots of heavy blankets available. A “heated room ” means most of the time a smoky kangri.

    • Thank you. I’ve been following your posts on various forums and you sound really like the most authentic one-stop shop for Ladakh related information! You should publish a travel book.

      • Hi,

        I am planning a trip till baralachha la and suraj tal + chandra tal in first week of May… Please advise, wheather it would be open or not…

  7. Hi,

    I’m planning to travel from Manali to Leh around 20 May. Are the chances to bleak to even plan the trip?

    Or I can do Srinagar-Leh and return via Manali around 3 June. Will the road have opened guaranteed by then?

  8. hi,
    I am planning to a Manali to Leh trip by road on bike in the 1st week of June.

    This would be my 1st trip to Leh. Please tell me dos and donts.

    Thanks n Regards

  9. hi,we are planning to go to leh or manali by 15 may.we cant still decide which is the better option between leh and manali.we wish to see snow or snow fall and want less crowded town. which option will be better?please help with your advice.thanks

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