Kathmandu-Lhasa Bus Line Starting ?

Tribune carries a story today saying that the Kathmandu-Lhasa bus line will “resume”  running , mayhaps within the next few days. The story is the offspring of a weird process : China is said to send a ” a strong message” to India and the world , but this message comes relayed from un-named Indian intelligence sources.

The core message is very thin on details : supposedly there was a two day meeting between Nepal Tourism Board and Tibet Tourism Administration some months ago , and a February deadline has been set.

Sceptics will note that the Chinese Embassy has made no announcement confirming this , but still has a posting  from November 2007 talking of resumed actual buses open for tourists from Jan 2008. The last Kafkaesque chapter of the 2006 Ktm-Lhasa runs was the bus being sent off empty from Kathmandu. You can follow it on a Indiamike thread here

The news story has some other points which gives an impression of being penned not in Delhi but Beijing : it describes it as a real change that there is a  written agreement between Nepal and China this time , but so there was  in 2005 as well.

Those of us who follow the Nathu La developments also will point out that we have been waiting for a announced bus line between Gangtok and Lhasa since 2006.

Another Beijing-centric comment from the article is describing the opening as a snub against the exile Tibetan community :

China aims at bringing in tourists – European and Indians – into Tibet from the Nepal route. This will mean that China will show “normalcy” in Tibet, a thought that will not find favour with the Dalai Lama, living in exile in India since 1959.

This is a odd slant since there never has been a call from Dharamsala to boycott tourism in Tibet , instead tourists have been encouraged to go there and bring back what they see to the world.


6 thoughts on “Kathmandu-Lhasa Bus Line Starting ?

  1. hi,

    how to get more information about the bus? I need to go from lhasa to kathmando soon.
    could you help, where is the busstation in lhasa, how to get tickett, how much is tickett etc.

    thanks a lot!!!

    • Problems : first of all getting in to Tibet , which has been closed in March the last two years . Second problem : no official confirmation of this news story yet.

  2. Bus line most likely will begin again from Lha-KTM, but don’t expect foreigners to be able to ride it anytime soon. It would be nice if the route did allow foreigners though…I would probably go to Nepal more than just once a year.

    • Thanx for the input. I share the scepticism over this becoming possible for us angrezis – there have been a number of announcements over the years turning in to mist. The indiamike link isn´t a confidence builder.

  3. Respected sir
    I want to travel from KATHMANDU TO LHASA BY road is it possible by bus or by land cruzer? at what cost?

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