Rothang re-opens , J&K bus strike ends

After being closed for more than three weeks , and bringing down fifteen dead ( last found on December 1st)  ,  the Rothang La has opened again. BRO have had seventy people and and a number of bulldozers going arond the clock (partly from the concern that the engines would be unable to start again once they froze ) to clear five to ten feet of snow between Koksar and Marhi. A large number of vehicles ( Tribune says , unspecified , “hundreds”) mainly based in Manali , will first be allowed to cross over to Manali , after that transports to Lahaul on the Manali-Leh highway can resume.

In Kashmir the Indian Air Force has started to airlift people between Srinagar and Kargil with Antonov AN32 planes , taking among others patients to Srinagar hospital.

On another note the bus traffic in Ladakh has been secured for the next season : the three  month long strike has been called off after what seems like a total victory for the SRTC drivers and conductors : all back  wages ( more than six months !)  will be paid and at the new terms agreed on earlier this year , and JKSRTC will be reorganised along the lines of the Himachal state bus line , that we all love and yearn for in our daily lives. 

Sources : Tribune , The Hindu , New Kerala . Antonov at Leh airport wikimedia commons picture.


One thought on “Rothang re-opens , J&K bus strike ends

  1. Hello,
    I will be travelling from Manali to Kaza at the end of May 2010, and staying in Spiti Valley for 8 weeks. Would the roads should be clear by then, and do you have any advice on the special things to pack and what to expect during the monsoon season starting in June?

    Thanks in advance, and I enjoy looking at your beautiful photos. 🙂

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