Manali-Leh : CLOSED


Leh had it´s first snow yesterday , lasting a few hours . Higher up the Khardung La was blocked – and today the Manali-Leh Highway is shown as closed. IANS talks of heavy snowfall over the Lachulung La & Tanglang La. Daytime temperatures still around + 10 , night time -10.

Sources : Tribune ,


4 thoughts on “Manali-Leh : CLOSED

  1. Leh had even heavier snowfall on 19 Oct, more than 4 inches in Sankar and maybe Changspa, and about 3 inches down in “The Colony.” But almost none out at SECMOL Campus, and we hear that this was a very localised snowfall and it didn’t happen in Kargil or Zangskar. It was already hot and sunny by midday so it’s mostly melted by afternoon around Leh.

  2. I would expect it to be cleared again soon , even though temporary closures normally don´t show up on the official road marker at .

    I have used the road out twice in mid-October , but I would´t recommend anyone trying later than that. Since I trek I have a full kit with me : tent , sleeping bag and storm kitchen. Getting stuck on the high sections means facing harsh conditions : night temperatures in Leh now start to drop below -10 degrees , which should translate in to -20 or worse basically everywhere after Darcha to Lato at 4000 meters – and no camps , dhabas etc to rely on at this time beyond Keylong.

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