“We are still stuck in Kaza ! “

The route between Manali and Kaza is still out , according to to to a e-mail quoted by IANS today :
“We are still stuck in Kaza! Yesterday (Wednesday), based on information given by the ADC’s office, we set out for Manali.”

“However, contrary to the information that the road through the Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass is open, we could not go beyond Kunzum and had to return,” Doongaji wrote.

“There were another 20-odd cars with us, who also came back. The telephone network continues to be dead.”

The main hurdle is said to be near Koksar , which is located at the northern base of the Rothang La. The chief of Lahaul & Spiti police ( who now seems to have counted in around 150 stranded tourists , among them 96 angrezis ) says the road should cleared to Koksar by Friday (tomorrow ) evening.Maybe it works out this time.

The road to Shimla is said to be cleared – except for ( you may have guessed it ) Malling , where people have started to walk across.

UPDATE , FRIDAY : IANS claims that both the Kunzum La and the slides at Koksar has been cleared , giving free access to Manali (or in the media hyperbole “150 tourists have been rescued”).


5 thoughts on ““We are still stuck in Kaza ! “

  1. Hey …
    m planning to come down Manali this weekend (26th Sep) and then move to Leh via the Leh Manali route (Rohtang and Baralacha).

    but the weather seems to be playing havoc…can you tell me if its a prudent decision…
    Worst case plan would be making it till atleast keylong…

    Pls suggest something… i`ve seen you on Indiamike regularly n though i should get in touch with you!

  2. I don’t know how to reach you, but you wrote to me on my diary. It’s ok to use my info about the road.
    I don’t know who you are, but still use and send me a note when you have.
    Eva Forss

  3. Hi Eva,

    I`ll be traveling from Manali to Leh around 28th September. However, seeing the weather conditions it makes me feel real sad that i may have to stay put in Manali or maximum go to Keylong.

    Would you advice on undertaking the trip??

    You can reach me at mishra.abhijit |at| gmail.com

  4. This is the most common type of question here , and with each year I get more uncertain how to answer it. The more you see , the more you realise how little can be predicted.
    Weather today : Leh 18 degrees midday , +1 at night , Manali 22/12 .. as usual that means there will be massive rapid snow melt. Most of what has been commented on here can be gone within a few days , same conditions given.

    As to new snows though … no one can tell. Roll of the dice , with fairly good chances on your side.

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