Picnic Crackdown : Rothang Closes Tuesdays

In a bid to eliminate the gridlocks to the Rothang La closes for tourist traffic on Tuesdays .. sort of .


“No tourist vehicle will  be allowed beyond Kothi on every Tuesday between 9 am to 6 pm ” – but HRTC buses will continue to roll.

What this amounts to is a lock out of the day trips crowd – the shared jeeps bound for Leh  will have already already have passed the Rothang in the early morning hours , and the returnees will arrive at Manali in the evening.When I crossed last time it took sx and a half hours (!)  up to the Rothang . The frustrations of the Lahaulis has problably not been the main reason , but the mounting critique of the slow pace in double laning the road.

This will create  a slot for buses ( interesting to see if the private buses will slip by )  and BRO transports only.


2 thoughts on “Picnic Crackdown : Rothang Closes Tuesdays

  1. We are to leave Solang Valley for Jispa
    on 29th June a Tuesday.
    Since the road to Rohtang valley closes on tuesday after 9 am. Please let me know as to the travel time from Solang to Rohtang.
    Say if I leave Solang at 7 am. How bad is the traffic before 8 am on this sector.

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