Manali-Leh : open…not

News less than an hour ago quotes BRO engineer SK Doon :

“The crucial 475 km Manali-Leh highway reopened for the traffic this (Thursday) morning. All types of vehicles can now ply on the highway” 

The official road marker , , still shows the road  as closed. 


UPDATE , SATURDAY : The manager for says it´s not a mistake : “Road is still not open as confirmed from BRO Leh”
UPDATE , MONDAY 25TH : Details start to sift in : the Baralacha La is not open, people camping in Darcha waiting for the road to open.
RE-update, evening : first vehicles have come in , one post describing the road as “atrocious” , “wait another week”. Biker going to Keylong suggests riding in the wee morning hours , lots of bulldozers still in full swing between Rothang and Koksar. 


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