Rothang & Zoji La open

An army convoy was sent off yesterday  towards Leh from Srinagar after the Zoji La was  cleared : finally fresh fresh fruit and veggies for everyone, after the  few trucks that made it to Leh around the 20th. Five snow cutters, eight bulldozers and two snow ploughs were involved in the clearing of the road. 

At the same time the Rothang La opened by teams working from both Manali and Koksar. Additional work is required , BRO talks of a full opening of the pass by May 7th.

Both the Srinagar-Leh and Manali-Leh highway  are still shown as closed on the official roadmarker.  

UPDATE : Srinagar-Leh is now (later in the day) shown as officially open.

UPDATE , MAY 5TH :  Heavy rains in Manali, and thirty plus centimeters of snow over the Rothang.

Sources : Tribune  (J&K)  , Tribune  (HP), Daily Excelsior


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