Retreat to Gulaba

Renewed snowfall has swept back the BRO to their camp in Gulaba , just under three thousand meters ,for a fourth time.Before the last three days snowfall the clearing of the Manali-Leh highway had reached Rahni Nullah , just under the Rothang La , and started chipping away at the forty plus feet of snow there.

Road open up to Gulaba , road clearing has started from there again today.

Source : The Tribune


2 thoughts on “Retreat to Gulaba

  1. I tried calling the BRO Leh office (HIMANK fellaws to be precise) & the person told me, they can’t comment on the road status.
    I presume, they arent allowed to comment on the status untill the high command orders so.

    The DC office said, that Srinagar-leh route is most likely to open in this month itself.

    Viset, do you have any clues, if we can expect the manali -leh route to open up, by this month end?

    I wanna go there, as soon as it opens up.

  2. I have nothing better to offer than reading the news, and blogs. I did locate the official BRO site a while back : nothing useful there either.

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