Srinagar-Leh opening mid-April ?

Zoji La pass and the stretch between Sonamarg and  Drass on the Srinagar-Leh highway saw new snow on March 25th , but the BRO seem confident in an early opening of the road  : 

“The highway is expected to reopen any day after April 15 as we are just 8 km short of our target,” 


Daily Excelsior  quotes the engineer responsible  saying. In contrast to conditions in Himachal snowfall has been way over normal levels according to the same engineer : 

 during his aerial visit to the area early this week, everything was looking white from the air. In fact, he said, the height of the accumulated snow was more than the houses in some villages adjacent to the highway.


Remaining obstacles include up to thirty feet snow levels to be cleared around the Zoji La.


6 thoughts on “Srinagar-Leh opening mid-April ?

  1. We plan to visit Leh by botorcycle (one bike 2 persons) by 10th of May from Jammu via srinagar, Kargil and inreturn we like to take Manali route via Barlacha la & keylong. Will it be conducive to go by bike then. please advise me. How would be the snow level in mountains? will it be motorable.This is year due to parliment elections will we have to face any new obstacles to round whole Jammu & Kashmir in bike? Please advise me

    • Unfortunately I have a job as well – I´d like to be able to do this , but maintaining a mail list would quickly become overwhelming , with a couple of hundred readers per week. You can subscibe to the RSS feed , clicking on the symbol at the far right of the address field. Myself I use as start page , it gives me the latest updates on the blogs I follow , and my email at a glance.

      • Thanks , you made my day with the comment. I see people coming here from the SECMOL campus site as well, another thing which makes me very glad.

  2. Thank you so much for keeping this blog up to date! It’s incredibly useful. I’ve been sending the link to people who email me to ask about volunteering at SECMOL in Ladakh, if they ask about the roads. It’s just so great to be able to give them a link to the latest info rather than speculating “Well, May is a good bet but April is not so likely,” like I used to.

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