Fresh Snow

Manali , Saturday - Tribune photograph
This weekend meant snow at last , in Kinnaur , Lahaul and Manali, maxing out in Keylong : sixteen centimeters of snow. In lower regions it came down as rain , feeding both irrigation and the the starving hydel power plants that have been been down to fifty per cent of normal capacity after the long dry winter. Kalpa in Kinnaur was coldest at -2.5 degrees , and had less snow : snow is a warm weather phenomenom.

The Manali-Leh road was closed for lighter vehicles from Kothi , at the 2500 meter level , with snow falling all the way up to the Rothang pass the BRO had to call it a day early in the afternoon.

Chamba region also reported heavy (no numbers given ) snowfall , probably affecting the clearing of Saach Pass.

UPDATE 25/3 : Two more feet of snow around the Rothang and Marhi , work to resume when the weather gets better. Road open to Gulaba (with eight inches of fresh snow, BRO crew just short of the Rothang.


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