Manali-Leh Update : BRO Gunning For Record


BRO stated in todays Tribune that they are some  42 klicks from Manali , which puts them in the vicinity of Marhi ,at 3300 meters.. Their goal is to  have the Rothang opened by April 10th , which BRO claims  would be the earliest opening in twenty years , demonstrating a curious memory lapse : in 2004 the pass also  was opened on April 10th.

Three teams are currently working on the road : the second team between the Rothang  pass and Koksar , and the third team has pushed beyond Darcha and reached Patseo , 3800 meters , next going for Sarchu , 4253 meters.


One thought on “Manali-Leh Update : BRO Gunning For Record

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