Manali-Leh update , March 8th

progress report

progress report

March 3rd : Gulaba , 2900
March 8th : Beas Nullah
Next stop Marhi , 3300-ish.

Light snowfall in Keylong yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Manali-Leh update , March 8th

  1. Hi we are riding the manali leh highway around the 3rd 4th of june 2009.

    from your experience What would the road condition be like then?

  2. Hi!

    We are planning to travel from Manali to Leh on 4th May 2009 in Indica Car. I would be glad to receive updates regarding the road condition along with tips for the travel.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Hi all manali leh lovers,
    I have aslo planned the trip to leh by manali in third weeek of may, but i feel it is too early. so guys the altrernate route to leh is by Srinagar bu the KARGIL over night stay. Good luck and happy riding…… Dee

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