Manali-Leh opening in April ??


Three crews are already working on clearing the Manali-Leh road . The road has been cleared , and is open for traffic , up to Gulaba , i.e. 3000 meters.

BRO talks of being able to clear the road by the second week of April (!) if the present weather holds. Himachalis prays for the opposite , for some late snows. A green winter in among other places Dharamsala and Shimla means problems not only for the snow mobile owners , but an already felt water shortage.


Photographs from The Tribune , updates to follow.


3 thoughts on “Manali-Leh opening in April ??

    • That´a two part question : Rothang and Kunzum La . It´s possible that Rothang is opening just now , but I haven´t been able to see any proof oof it. BRO planned the 7th , there was snowfall the 5th , and I´ve heard mentions of more snows after that.

      Kunzum La : I´ve seen it mentioned that the road from Spiti is open to Losar (i.e. just over 4000 meters ) , and no further. I´ll try to sift out some more info & weather reports , but it will be no better than informed guesses. Kunzum normally opens later than the Rothang , so don´t get your hopes up before the Rothang opens.
      Shimla to Kaza should work … until the Malling stretch goes out again. The NH22 has been upgraded there … again.

  1. Thanks Vistet for the prompt response.

    I am planing to do Delhi-Shimla-Kaza-Manali circuit, 3rd week of May so I have some time. Lets see.

    thanks again.

    By the way, I write at, and there are quite a like-minded travelers out there. Check it out and if it interests you, write your travel stories there as well. Best.

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