Last bus to Leh

HRTC has  informed the district commissioner in Lahaul, C. Paul Rasu that buses would not run from the 11th on the Manali-Leh highway  , due to the icy roads up to Keylong.

In Srinagar a number of Ladakhis are unable to go back to Leh and will be airlifted to Kargil , past the major snow obstacles , where they can use the road again back to Leh. Weather keyword is turbulence ,with +5-8 degrees in Srinagar and -3 to -18 degrees in Leh .  Rains in the Vale , possibly more snow in the higher reaches and towards Leh.


4 thoughts on “Last bus to Leh

  1. Thanks for the kind comments.I do 90 % of this stuff from afar : I went over the Rothang last time in September , chucked some snowballs , went home and waited for the snow … some 400 klicks south of the Arctic Circle. Sometimes I really miss living in the true north.

  2. Hey

    Really appreciate your efforts. I am planning a biking trip to Leh in May. But before i can freeze on the dates.. could you please guide me and tell me when are the roads expected to open.

    We have a good mix of bikes
    A Bajaj Pulsar 150
    A Bajaj Eliminator 200
    A Hero Honda CBZ
    A Hero Honda Karizma
    and ofcourse 1 bullet.

    Will these bikes survive at such high altitudes?

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