Weather takes it´s toll

The initial assertions from the BRO that everyone was safe along the Manali-Leh road sadly but predictably proved wrong yesterday.

Seven people were killed by an avalanche near Bharatpur Nullah . So far only one body , Tsering Dorje from Leh , has been found.

Two Germans trekkers enroute to Pin Parvati Pass managed to reach Kaza , but their porter , Uttam Singh from Kullu , died from hypothermia.

Four Belgians were airlifted to Kullu hospital for treatment of frostbite from Kaza. Three Nepalis working for the Geological Survey in Hampta Valley received also first aid for frostbite in Keylong as they had to for walk 31 hours in five-foot snow before they reached Chatru yesterday before being airlifted to treatment in Kullu.

Six persons , among them three Gaddi (!) have been transferred to Kullu for treatment of snow blindness after nearly a week in Chhattru.

Himachal Government said that 142 persons were evaced yesterday , but that even more still remain stranded. Airdrops of food , medications (Diamox , presumably ) and other essentials have been made en route to Sarchu and Batal.

A group of 22 trekkers and porters earlier reported missing in the Chandra Tal area managed to get to Batal under their own steam.


5 thoughts on “Weather takes it´s toll

  1. The problem is that the media has not reported all this fairly and gave into government spin in trying to contain the bad publicity.

    It was ironic that the effort to open the roads at Kaaza were being carried out by Vikas Shukla and the government could not even fly in a higher rank official to reassure the tourists as well as gear up the administrative set up.

    No minister even visited the area.

  2. One disaapointment in this is also the official ladakh web site , . Their road staus marker have been a good source , like when the Srinagar road “opened” for a few hours in Aprilthis year. But this time it showed open for the Manali-Leh through all this , at the same time as people were being evacuated with helicopters.

  3. I just read this and am wondering whether to continue my planned trip from Manali to Leh this weekend, just called up the taxi union at Manali and they said taxi’s were operating until it snows in the passes.
    We have the return flights booked, wondering if we should also book flights for the onward journey or still risk the road journey to enjoy the magnificent high passes en route.

  4. No one has any knowledge of how the weather will turn out , but :

    the road is open
    and BRO obviously has some confidence that they will be able to keep it open until the end of the month , they made a statement yesterday asking people not to hit the road after the 31st.

    Obviously it´s possible to be confronted with heavy snowfall and get snagged near the passes – if you are on a schedule that can´t allow a few days delay , fly in. It´s also even more important to make your first night stop around 3000 meters , in case you are forced to make make a stop in Sarchu or Pang.

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