Rothang opened, tourists hit by AMS

Tribune photo , September 22

Tribune photo , September 22

BRO sources said today that the road had been cleared up to Zingzing Bar , but that there were still around thirty abandoned  vehicles between the Rothang pass and Koksar. The Indian Air Force were unable to evacuate everyone that had been trapped in Sarchu due to the harsh weather conditions , but managed to lift out among others two tourists suffering from altitude sickness to the hospital in Keylong. (Keylong , contrary to web lore , is four hundred meters lower than Leh. ) The bad weather also made it impossible to make the planned air drop of emergency food and blankets to those stranded at Chattru. Road is said to be open between Sarchu and Leh.


One thought on “Rothang opened, tourists hit by AMS

  1. I am going to let from Srinagar to Leh on 6 May n reach let on 11 may.imay.iwant to know the status of road from let to Manali open or not after 15 may.

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