Manali-Kaza , August 16th

Gualaba landslide , August 16th

Gualaba landslide , August 16th

The earlier mentioned landslide on the Manali-leh road is located after Gulaba , at 2890 meters , and it’s big . It posed no real practical problem , though , the road skirts/has been re-routed at the edge of the slide.
After Marhi some construction work , double laning the road.

The road  to Batal is still basically the part where the rocks are smaller , but somehow they seemed even smaller this year. Arrived in Old  Kaza 15.48 (i.e. just under nine hours)  , a lot better than anticipated.

There seems to little or no practical ways of breaking off the journey , Losar is at 4104 meters , Hanse and Rangrik has no dhabas or easily seen guest houses.


2 thoughts on “Manali-Kaza , August 16th

  1. I found your (right ?) video as well on youtube and posted it here with proper credits , hope it´s ok. Nice work. How long did you stay , and how did you exit from Leh ?

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