Srinagar update , July 3rd

Poster davyd on IndiaMike brought the word from people just returned from Srinagar :

“..britons were more adventerous, visited jama masjid, and a little bit of the city but nothing was working, all shops were closed, rioting mobs were clashing with police. it left them with impression not unlike northern ireland. jeeps and buses with many difficulties sneak their way out to Jammu, but many got stoned.”

After more than a week of violent protests , hundreds wounded, and a small number of deaths a measure of calm has arrived in Srinagar after the decision to revoke the land grant to the Amarnath shrine organisation . According to the news schools , markets and transport are now running in the Vale.

Meanwhile conditions are unstable in Jammu for the very same reason. Curfew is still in place , and todays Tribune leads with the story “Jammu continues to burn” .

Update , July 5th: renewed clashes with police , 30 000 protesters on the streets of Srinagar… Tribune story

Update , July 8th : partial lift of curfew in Jammu , ATM´s and petrol pumps now running after a weeks hiatus.

Update, July 19th : nine soldiers killed and twenty wounded in an attack against Army bus on the Srinagar-Baramullah Highway

 Update , July 20th : Grenade attack in Gulmarg kills tourist and minor , seven more wounded.

Update , July 24th : Grenade attack in Srinagar kills pilgrim family , mother and four children at a bus stand. 22 wounded. Army patrols Jammu after the lift of curfew, police vehicles burned and a police control room attacked.

Update , July 27th : Renewed curfew and band in Jammu. Locals of Udamphur block the Jammu- Srinagar road more than six hours in a protest against security forces “going berserk” the day before.

Latest news from BBC : last four weeks news from Srinagar (dynamic link, i.e. four weeks from whenever you read this)


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