New Pare Chu alert

“The fear of flash floods with the water level in the Parechu lake once again rising has come to stalk the people residing in the villages along the Sutlej as the administration has sounded an alert in the districts of Lahaul Spiti, Kinnaur, Shimla, Mandi and Bilaspur.

Senior revenue officials have asked the deputy commissioners (DC) of these five districts to sound an alert and keep all arrangements ready in case people have to be shifted to higher areas. The hooter and sound system has been put in place to meet any eventuality.

It is learnt that the water level in the Parechu lake, which has become a cause of worry for the authorities for the past few years, has been rising.

The banks of the Sutlej have been divided into 11 sectors, seven of which fall in Kinnaur and the remaining in the Rampur area of Shimla district.

The sector officers, police personnel and home guards have been asked to be on duty round the clock so that people can be asked to immediately shift to higher areas in case there are floods. ”

full story


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