Pstt ! The Manali-Leh road status is ..

.. disputed , in a new , fascinating way . Until now , it´s been fairly easy to describe the status of the Rothang La crossing in four stages :

1. Really , really closed

2. A path being cut over the worst stuff , crossable on foot ( as from March 18th )

3. First clearing of the road , crossable with light vehicles ( as reports over the last week) . Still flagged as closed , until deemed worthy of supporting heavy vehicles.

4. Buses start to run , and the road is flagged as officially open.

This year brings a new twist , though : the BRO and the HRTC arguing over the status of the road , as the first buses start running to Keylong :

“Kullu, May 10
The HRTC has started its bus operation from Keylong to Manali yesterday on trial basis though a few points on the 13,050-feet high Rohtang Pass were not good. This was stated by Devender Narang, regional manager, HRTC, Kullu, who also looks after the Keylong region here yesterday. The bus brought passengers from Keylong and reached Manali, he added.

The Border Road Organisation (BRO), the defence body looking after the Manali-Leh road, however, denied official opening of the Rohtang Pass for heavy vehicles.”

(And yes , the official road marker is still flagged as “closed” )

Source : The Tribune


7 thoughts on “Pstt ! The Manali-Leh road status is ..

  1. The taxis/jeeps start running before the buses , i.e. under point three above. I would expect they have been running a couple of days at least now.

  2. Now,this is certainly getting like the worst fear comming true,if the road to Leh from Manali not being opened by the end of this month or so as I am planning to do the trip around last week of May;

    Anyway,thanks for bringing up all the updates from that part of the world.Will be waiting for more in days to come.

  3. The road is still closed following haevy snowfall in the last few days about 2-3 feet. rohtang is also closed even for light vehicles…but it should open by 17th i guess..if the wather remain ok…

  4. My partner & i have plans to travel to india 2011 , we are having a motor bike flown over with us .Our plan is to travel the Leh Manali highway .. i have read in my travel book that we need permits to travel in certain areas & are only issued to ,4 or more in a group , why is this & does that mean we will not be able to do the journey if there are only 2 of us one rider & a pillion ?
    We are from the uk & would like to know before we make plans , also is the best time to go begining of september when monsoons are over & snow hasn’t started ?
    Thanks ….Tricia

    • The whole area near the Tibetan/Chinese border is a military retricted area , India and China has fought a war here. NW of Leh you have the worlds highest battlefield , the Siachen glacier , where India and Pakistan has fought a war and maintain troops well over 5000 meters.
      None of this affects the Manali-Leh road : there are check posts , but no permits invoved.

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