A new life at “The Plain of Corpses”, road partially open

Several papers carry the story today of a Nepali couple who got a ride from Manali , started to walk across … and had to stop at the Rothang La when the woman went in to labor. Locals helped Vishnu Maya in delivering her baby , and the family later found a temporary refuge in the Koksar rescue post.

According to the same news stories the pas was opened for light traffic hours later. BRO officials quoted in a PTI story talks of the road being “open for inspection ” , and a full opening within ten days.

The official road status marker on the web will continue to show “closed” until the road is fit for bus traffic, as usual.


One thought on “A new life at “The Plain of Corpses”, road partially open

  1. ANI & New Kerala news stories on the 4th both talk about the road opening this week : “Manali, May 4: The snow-covered 486 km long Manali-Leh road will open for light vehicles in the coming week, authorities said Sunday.

    This was stated Sunday by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), a day after it threw open the 4892 metre high Baralacha pass in tribal Lahaul valley.

    The 3954 metre high Rohtang pass, which receives the heaviest snowfall among all passes on this route, was opened to traffic less than a week ago.”

    Road marker still showing closed.

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