Open , again has changed status to green , open , within the last hours. Let´s see  how long it lasts..


2 thoughts on “Open , again

  1. Do you think it won’t last for long? When do you think it would no more be closed due to bad weather for the most part of the summer?

  2. I was being mostly ironic .. but taking it seriously , it´s a two-parter : weather in general , and snow.

    Weather patterns are changing in Ladakh now , until a couple of years ago I laughed at the idea of bringing rain gear in the summer . There is some possibility of late snows high up , even in June : you can see some examples mentioned here. I´d still say it´s rare.

    The other part : well , it´s ….snow. I´ve lived a major part of my life north or near the Arctic Circle , and you rapidle learn the limits of what you can say with any certainty : go up to the slope , dig a shaft , check the layers . After that , it´s just more or less informed guesses. Having a go at that , you´ll notice from the pictures that at this time you find many sections of the road that´s basically a tunnel without a roof : lots of snow. Temperatures in Leh just now are dancing up and down around the freezing point : water turning to ice , snow turning to slush : layering.Lastly you have vibration : for the coming weeks the road will be jammed with heavily loaded trucks , bringing in both food and military supplies. All of this creates ideal circumstances for avalanches. The BRO are good at what they do , they are also good enough to know that you can´t make exact predictions.

    I would be surprised to see anything more than short temporary breaks at this time , I´d toss my sleeping bag in to the car , and if I saw a jeep that had shovel on it I´d assume that that driver had a more realistic view of the conditions of the road.

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