Highest road in Himachal gets bus service


The Satrundi-Bagotu portion of the 167-km Chamba-Killar highway was declared fit for plying of bus service over the 14,500-foot Saach Pass, the highest road in the state, with Mr Virbhadra Singh, Himachal Chief Minister, flagging off the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus service at Tissa to Bagotu.

October 19 would be marked as a ‘golden chapter’ in the development history of Chamba district in the state, he said.

The highway had been inaugurated for plying of light vehicles two months ago while the road on the side of the Churah valley had been widened and declared fit for bus services on October 19.

The Chief Minister on this occasion congratulated the people of the state especially of Chamba. The Pangi valley which had so far been accessible through Kangra-Mandi-Kullu-Lahaul and Spiti districts covering a distance of over 700 km with a journey time of over 40 hours had now been reduced to only 167 km.

The Chief Minister said that the Pangi valley people would now be in a position to travel conveniently to their district headquarters. He said that another milestone had been added in the history of roads network in the state with the completion of the road through Saach Pass.


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