Hindustan-Tibet road opened to traffic among landslides

Reckong Peo, August 17
The Hindustan-Tibet road that was blocked for the past one-week beyond Reckong Peo was re-opened for traffic by the General Reserve Engineering Force (GREF) this morning, even as the risk of being trapped in falling of rocks still prevails.

Blasting by the state Electricity Board and the Public Works Department had allegedly resulted into massive landslide at Pangi village just above the Hindustan-Tibet road.

Rocks were still falling down from the landslide-prone area this afternoon but the GREF personnel deployed there were cautiously making the traffic through even as the risk of being trapped in the rocks still prevails.

A truck hit by falling rocks at this point on the Hindustan-Tibet road had also fell into the Sutlej river on Monday morning.

Colonel M.L. Kom Officer Commanding of GREF said that it requires of manual repairing of the landslide area for a permanent solution to prevent the falling of rocks from above the national highway.

It is the duty of the Public Works Department to fix-up the landslide problem but it has been found that a casual attitude was being adopted by the state agencies ever since the massive landslide struck Pangi village, last week.

There has been continuous pressure on GREF authorities to keep the vital road traffic worthy but ground realities at this point did not permit them to work under uninterrupted falling of rocks.


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