Sangla valley road re-opens

Sangla (Kinnaur), October 3
The road link to the Sangla valley, one of world’s most beautiful valleys situated in the tribal district of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh, was restored by the state government with the assistance of a private company, Jai Prakash and Associates Limited (JPAL), running many power plants in the area on Sunday evening.

The valley was cut off from the rest of the world for the past over three months as a stretch of about 1 km near the reservoir of the 300-MW Baspa hydro-power plant commissioned by the JPAL was washed away during the flash floods in Baspa rivulet, a tributary of Sutlej, followed by heavy rains resulting in landslides in the last week of June, this year.

More than 100 vehicles of tourists that got stranded in the valley in the past three months were safely driven out during the past 24 hours after the restoration of the road link as the sandy rocks on steep heights were fragile, still posing risks of fresh landslides.

Tribune, October 3rd


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