Buses running – at a risk

Reckong Peo, (Kinnaur) August 22
Despite landslides and debris having rendered roads in Kinnaur district vulnerable for running heavy vehicles, buses of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation continue to ply on these, putting the lives of thousands of commuters to risk daily.

The worst part is that the buses plying on these damaged roads, which are being repaired, are in bad shape. Most of the buses in Reckong Peo district are old and have outlived their utility for plying on hilly terrains.

Talking to The Tribune, Jagat Ram, a driver of the HRTC, said every time they left from Reckong Peo or Karcham on the way back, the offered prayers to reach the destination safely.

Landslides are occurring continuously along both sides of the roads along the Sutlej.

Interestingly, trucks have been stopped from plying on these vulnerable roads under reconstruction. The movement of heavy vehicles belonging to the armed forces has also been stopped temporarily keeping in view of the deplorable condition of roads. Instead, helicopters are being put to use daily by the armed forces to transport essential commodities to the upper Himalayan regions along the Indo-Tibet border.

bus to Rekong 2007

Tribune , August 22th


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