Rekong , Kalpa.. still cut off

Thousands of people living in Reckong Peo, district headquarters of Kinnaur, and townships of Kalpa and Pooh remain cutoff from the state headquarters of Shimla, ever since the Sutlej played havoc about three weeks ago, damaging the National Highway-22 at various places. Reckong Peo, around 250 km from Shimla, is one of the remotest tribal areas of the country. Kalpa and Pooh are situated even further, around 16 km and 50 km, respectively, from Reckong Peo.

Local officials claim that the road network for light vehicles through the NH-22 would be resumed by next week. However, keeping in view the slow pace of repair work at the sites, it might take another month before light-vehicle traffic can be restored.

The resumption of traffic for heavy vehicles on this road could take months as winter is approaching and the area records heavy snowfall each year.

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