Shimla, July 7
Lack of adequate machinery is hampering the restoration of the flood-ravaged National Highway-21, which has been breached at 79 places between Wangtu and Shalkar.

The Border Road Organisation (BRO), which maintains the road beyond Wangtu, has sent a requisition to the Indian Air Force for airlifting heavy machinery so that the restoration work in portions that was cut-off due to collapse of bridges could be expedited.

As the BRO has been pre-occupied with the construction of an alternative road to bypass the treacherous Malling nullah, most of its heavy construction machinery was deployed upstream between Khab and Shalkar. Consequently, very little machinery sufficient for routine maintenance is available in the worst-affected 22 km stretch from Tapri to Powari. Vast stretches of the road have either been washed away or extensively damaged at 34 places on this small portion. In all, 10.71 km of road-length had been washed away…

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