Srinagar-Leh Opening Dates

February 8, 2010

For the latest Srinagar-Leh updates , go here ( short catchy link : http://korta.nu/sleh ) . For the informed guess , here are the opening dates in April and May over the last ( almost ) decade , 2001-2009.

It made me surprised myself , when it comes out in a diagram : the “typical” openings around the turn of April/May are matched by the equally frequent “extreme late”  openings from mid-to-end May . The observant webbie have probably already noticed that there are ten openings in nine years : the 2008 opening was a mildly chaotic affair , lasting a single day , with a few hundred Indians in solid summer clothes experiencing avalanches cutting the road behind & ahead of them , making it in to Leh . Eventually. Thus the statistical term “iffy” : a officially open road is no guarantee that you will make it on the exact date you have in mind.

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  1. Hi,
    This is not actually about Srinagar-Leh.
    Me & my 1 friend wants to visit Leh via Manali. I need your help in this connection. Please tell me plying of Govt. Bus, Fare & schedule/timing from Manali & Leh as well! We don’t want to spend extra money for HPTDC (Rs.1800/-), guide us about other Govt. Bus.
    In Leh we want to visit Pangong Tso only other than local site seeing! What will be cost of Journey to the Lake & back? Is there any conducted tour operator or etc. available to make it easy & pocket friendly by night stay @ Pangong Tso & back by next day. We can spend 3 nights for Leh including reaching Leh @ night!
    Is there Hotel available @ Keylong, if we are not availing the HPTDC option? Then what will be the cost?
    Please guide me elaborately!

  2. […] even open in late May for few years too. So wait and see how this year goes. I was reading a blog here where last 10 years opening date of Zozila Pass was analyzed and historically it seems you have […]

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